LokSabha Election Updates 2019

  • May 23, 2019

Mumbai South 
Arvind Sawant (150000)
Milind Deora (104000) Trailing By 46000 Votes

Mumbai North Gopal Shetty (202000) Urmila Matondkar(70000) Trailing by 132000 

Mumbai North Central 
Poonam Mahajan( 175000)  Priya Dutt(99000) Trailing By 76000Votes 

Mumbai North East 
Manoj Kotak (341000)
Sanjay Dina Patil(197000) Trailing by 144000

Mumbai North West 
Gajanand Kirtikar (1,16,000)
Sanjay Nirupam(62400)Trailing By 53600 Votes 

Mumbai South Central 
Rahul Shewale (176000)
Ek Nath Gaikwad(120000) Trailing By 56000 Votes 

AIMIM Asaddudin Owaisi (273000) Voto se Aage 

AIMIM Imtiyaz Jaleel Aurangabad Seats se 10000 Voto se  aage Chal Rahe.

Sadhvi Pragya Thakur (Bhopal) Digvijay Singh se 70000 voto se aage

AMIT SHAH Gandhi Nagar  327000 Voto se aage Chal Rahe hai 

Rahul Gandhi Kerla Wayand 2.5 Lakhs Voto se Aage aur Amethi se Smiti Irani se Sirf 5000 se Piche 

Sunny Deol 52000 Voto se aage 

Latest Trends 
BJP+ :- 340
Congress+ :- 90
BSP & SP :- 21
Others :- 91

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