MD 165 Grams LSD 20 blots 05 Gram MDMA Ecstasy tablets 8gram Seized By NCB Mumbai Arrested 3 Male and 2 Female Drug Peddler

  • March 29, 2021

MD 165 Grams, LSD 20 blots(0.5)Gram, MDMA/Ecstasy tablets 8gram, Seized By NCB Mumbai, Arrested 3 Male and 2 Female Drug Peddler

NCB Mumbai Zone Dwara kayi jagaho par Raid Conduct ke gaye Mumbai, Thane, Andheri etc..

1st Raid Conduct By NCB Mahim Near Mao Chinese Restaurant, Mahim, Mumbai se 105 Gram Mephedrone ( Commercial Quality) Baramad kiya sath he 2 Drug Peddler ko Arrest kiya 1 Male and 1 Female 

2nd Raid Conduct By NCB Everest World Building, Dhokali, Thane (W), Se 8 gram Ecstasy/MDMA tablets & 20 blots (0.5 gram) of LSD (Commercial Quantity) Baramad kiya sath he 1 drug peddler ko Arrest kiya

3rd Raid Cunduct by NCB Flat no.1203, Millennium Heritage, Andheri(w), recovered 57 gram Mephedrone (Commercial Quantity) sath he 2 Male Drug Peddler and 1 Female Peddle ko Arrest kiya

It has been noticed in this drive; that teenage girls are being used as peddler for drug trafficking by the kingpin of drug rackets. NCB MZU is striving  hard to identify the suppliers and dismantle the organised syndicate.

Further Investigation is Underway

Details Of Arrested 5 Drug Peddler Including 3 Male and 2 Female

C.R.NO. 26/27/28-21

Under The Supervision Of 
Sameer Wankhede, IRS
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  • - indian

    love you sir ...mumbai aaj tak kisi ne aisa saaf nahi kiya jesa aapne karey...great job

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