Syria Mai US , UK , France launch Airstrike

  • April 14, 2018

Syria Mai US , UK , France launch Airstrike 

 US ne Syria mai Airstrike Launch kiya hai in Response to Chemical Attack that kill Dozens of People Last Week 

Syria Ke Damascus mai Explosions hua Air Strike se after US President announced military action 

US Ka Kehna hai ki AirStrike will Continue untill Syrian regime stops its Use of Chemical Weapons

 Suspected Chemical Attack par ek Saal mai yeh Asaad Regime par US and Allied ka Dusra Attack hai

Iran and Russia Syrian President Al -Assas Bashar ke Supporters hai 

Russia and Iran warned Consequences following the Launch of Air Strike in Retaliation for a Suspected Chemical Attack 

Canada Declares Support for Strike by US in Syria 

Chemical weapons Se Strike hota hai Syrian President Asaad  humesha chemical weapons  Attack deny karte hai 

And American nd Western Allies President Assad par Ilzaam lagate hai wahi Assad Regime koye bhi Chemical attack se hamesha mana karti hai 

Toh Phir Kaun aur Kyu kar raha hai Syrian par Chemical Strike Karta hai 

Is Beech Syrian public Suffer karti hai 
Womens Bachhe Senior Citizen ki Airstrike se Jaan gawani padti hai
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Comments (2)

  • - k

    It seems to be a spark for 3rd world war.

  • - khan

    inki mkc

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