Murder in Pydhonie Bahu Arrested for Murdering Saas

  • November 04, 2019

Murder in Pydhonie Bahu Arrested for Murdering Saas

Bacche ki ulti saaf nahi karne par Bahu ne Saas par chaaku se kiya hamla at Pydhonie Rapid House Kolsa mohallah 

Saas Sumaiya Afzal Kolsawala (Age 62) Ki body Khoon mai latpat Police ko Mili
 Bahu Amreen ko Police ne Arrest karliya hai

243/19 Sec IPC 302
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Comments (4)

  • - imran

    very sad .but what is true should be mention

  • - MT

    This website has absolutely no credibility whatsoever, the following news is not only misreported but also full of lies. This news portal is no less than any other news source present in India - BLIND. News ke naam par sirf jhut aur sensationalism ki dukan khol rakhi hai Salim Bengali ne. PLEASE GET YOUR ACT RIGHT BEFORE YOUR ASS IS SUED FOR FAKE NEWS. OBJECTIVITY is the heart of Journalism, don't kill it.

  • - Aziz

    Dont you all do fact check before posting anything ? You are unnecessarily defaming someone by making up your own stories. I lost all the faith from this website after reading this news. Next time please verify the facts before posting anything.

  • - sachin Kumar Maurya

    please add this groul

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