Dangal on main road in Aurangabad between Triple Seat bike rider and RTO police

  • May 24, 2017

Dangal on main road in  Aurangabad between Triple Seat bike rider & RTO police 

Aurangabad me din dhade aakashwani chowk par RTO police aur Triple seat bike riders ke beech hui maaramari 

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Tuesday ko duty kar rahe 3 RTO police wale ne 1 triple seat bikers ko pakda bikers aur RTO police ke beech tu tu main main hui phir maaramari shuru hui bike riders ko police ne hiraasat me liya aur bike ko bhi police custody me peeche baithe 2 pillon riders spot se bhaag gaye

All bikers plz obey traffic rules RTO ke kayde kannon aapki safety ke liye hi hain



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