Maratha Leader Vinayk Mete ki car accident me Death hui at Mumbai Pune Expressway

  • August 14, 2022

Maratha Leader Vinayk Mete ki car accident me Death hui at Mumbai Pune Expressway 

Aaj subha Pune se Mumbai ki taraf aarahe Maratha community leader Vinayak Mete ki car Raigad ke Madap tunnel ke pass out of control hone se saambe wali car se takra gayi 

Iss haadse me gadi me baithe hue Maratha Leader former Maharashtra Member of Legislative Council (MLC) Vinayak Mete ghayal ho gaye 

Haadse ki khabar milte hi Expressway Police spot par pohanch aur Vinayak Mete ko Ambulance ke zariye Panvel Kamothe ke MGM hospital lejayaa gaya jahan Doctors dead decalre kiya

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