Kutte palne ke Paise hai Par Maa ko dhyan rakhne ko Nahi Senior Citizen lady ne Whats App par apne Bete and Bahu par Gambhir Aarop lagaya

  • June 07, 2019

Kutte palne ke Paise hai Par Maa ko dhyan rakhne ko Nahi Senior Citizen  lady ne Whats App par apne Bete and Bahu par Gambhir Aarop lagaya

Kya Hai Pura Mamala


Hi I am Monica Dsouza. I am making a sincere request to anyone who can help me in retaining or get my money back from my son and his wife. I have been a teacher in New Habib High School for past 34 years and 8 months and in this tenure I have been saving certain amount in Kisan vikas patra and NSS. Few years back my son Sandeep Thakur and his wife Suprina Thakur took money from me for paying Mortgage and promised me to return the amount as soon as possible. 
Now it’s been more than 7 years but my son and his wife still refuses to pay back the amount which they took from me. They even took my flat in which I was living.
I have visited them many times to ask for my money but they threaten me and also beat me.
I am a widow and I don’t have any other source of income. I kindly request Dongri police station and media personnel to help me get my hard earned savings back from them. 



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Comments (8)

  • - Simran

    Miss I am also one of your student. I am very sadden to hear about you. Will see your bastard son see his faith but lets give law its time to tackle it. Have faith in our law, if not than we will see it. Our corporated and your ex-student Javed Juneja has taken up matter with police and they certainly will do something good for you for sure.

  • - Nazir

    Veena is right best hai ke aap Nitin se contact karo...

  • - Veena Dsouza

    Mrs.Monica Dsouza and Sandeep Thakur name changed or else? The Best Person to contact to get back your money is MNS Mr.Nitin Nandgoankar he is capable to handle such crooks. God bless you and Nitin

  • - Rizzzz

    Relation with Money is so Funny, that Blood Relations take a back end. it is so Sad that one forgets the law of Karma. Each one will Age and so will these Fraudsters. They too will meet the same fate or even worse.

  • - ab

    very sad,

  • - Boom boom

    Thoda confusion hai, aap dsouza, aur beta Sandeep thakur

  • - shaikh

    aap apne bete aor bahu ka address dein hum zada se zada log jaake un ko aap ke samne laake maafi mangwayenge aor apke paise aor flat wapas dilayenge.....

  • - danial

    dear Aunty its ur hard earned money .dnt worry if they dnt gv bk ur money ...trust in God bcoz it s only He who cn get u bk watever u hv lost....i really feel sad for wt ur son and daughter in law did wt you..dey wl pay for it in future.....

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