Hindustan me har chautha bhikari Musalman hai Pune ke Wakf board program me Musalmano se guhaar

  • April 08, 2017

Hindustan me har chautha bhikari Musalman hai Pune ke Wakf board program me Musalmano se guhaar (8/4/2017)

Census of India, 2011 ki report ke anusar desh me kul 3,72,217 bhikari hai. Jinme kareeb 25% Muslims hai. In bhikario me Muslim mard 40,454 (43.61%) aur aurat 52,306 (56.38%) hai. Wahi desh me Muslims ki abaadi 14.23% batayi gayi hai.

Is dar-badr halaath ke liye Wakf properties ki loot aur Muslim samaaj ki gaflat ko zimmedar theraya gaya. Wakf Properties ko bachake kis tarah Muslims ki taalimi aur maali halaat ko sudharna, ispe roshni daalne ke liye Pune ke Nehru Memorial Ha me rakha gaya program.

Masjid, Dargah, Kabristan, Takhiya, Eidgah, Imambara, Anjumans, Musafirkhana wagairah jaise aur kayi kism ke properties Waqf ke paribhasha me aati hai. Koi property Wakf Board me registered ho ya na ho, WILL / Wakf Deed ki gayi property automatically Waqf property ban jaati hai.

Sirf Maharashtra ki agar baat kare, to 92,000 acres zameen aur kareeb 1 lakh Wakf properties barbaad huwe jaa rahe hai. Purkho ki is amanat me khayanat karne waalo me sarkaar aur public dono hi shaamil hai. Apni milkiyat samajhke kaodio ke daam kayi properties bechi jaa rahi hai. Inhi sab wajah se sarkar ki taraf se Wakf properties ka survey shuru kiya gaya hai.

Pune aur Parbhani me yeh Pilot Project ki muhim pichle 2 mahino se jaari hai. Par bigair Muslim samaaj ki madad se sahi survey mumkin nahi. Isliye chahiye ki Muslim samaaj saamne aaye, jo properties Wakf Board me register nah huwi hai, unka registration karaye. Gramin ke liye Talathi aur shahar ke liye City Survey Officers ko niyukt kiya gaya hai. Is survey ka pura kharcha sarkar uthayegi, aam Muslims pe iska koi kharch nahi hoga.

Program ke speakers ka is baat pe bhi tawajjo raha, ki sarkar agar Musalmano ko reservation nahi dena chahti to na dey. Bus Musalmano ko unke awkaaf unhe diye jaaye. In properties se hone waali kamai ke zariye unke halaath apne aap sudhar jayege. Agar sahi mayne me ‘Sabka saath, sabka vikaas chahiye, to Muslim samaaj ko unka haqq lautaye sarkaar.

Program me apni property Waqf karne ke tarike se lekar, unse mili amdani tak ke saare kanuni tarkibe bayaan ki gayi. Waqf Board ke CEO ke powers aur Waqf Tribunal ke order ki ehmiyat bhi batayi gayi. Yaha tak ki Waqf Tribunal ke order ko kisi bhi court me chunauti nahi di jaa sakti. 

Maharashtra Land Revenue Code aur Waqf Act ke kayi zaruri sections pe zor diya gaya. Litigation, encroachment, wagairah hatane ke aasan tarike bataye gaye. Zarurat hai to sirf Muslim community ki taraf se in mamlo me ‘follow-up’ karna.

Event organizer Haji Makkeshah Masjid trust (Deccan), supported by Concern for People, Popular Front of India.

Guest speakers:
Kishor Tavrej, Superintendent of Land Records.
Adv. S.S. Kazi, Bombay High Court
Nisar Khan, Tehreek-e-Waqf
Dr. G.P. Shaikh, Social Activist.
Shabbir Ansari, President All India Muslim OBC Organization, member Tehrik-e-Aukaf (Maulana Moinuddin Ashraf)


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