Anti Corona Medicine batakar Ayurvedic Goli sale karne walon par FDA ki karwai at Mulund

  • March 18, 2020

Anti Corona Medicine batakar Ayurvedic Goli sale karne walon par FDA ki karwai at Mulund

Food Drugs food Administration aur Police ne shikayat milne par Sheetal Herbal Copmany ki Mulund Branch par raid kar ke Anti Corona Medicine batakar Ayurvedic Goli Rs 150 me sale karne walon par karwai ki aur Goli ke kuch samples ke sath 1 ko arrest kiya

Sheetal Herbal Company ki Mulund, Ghatkopar, Vileparle, aur Kandivali main Branch hain 

Corono ke naam par log kuch bhi kisi bhi rate main sale kar rahe hain Plz Avoid such things
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